MIPIM - The Global Urban Festival
12-15 March 2024
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

Our commitments

MIPIM has pledged to be a pioneering event in matters of sustainability. Our commitment is woven into the fabric of our events, initiatives, and partnerships. We intend to actively involve our clients in this journey.

MIPIM 2024 is our most sustainable exhibition to date, distinguished by four main engagements to making MIPIM cleaner, greener, more diverse and more equitable. 

Waste minimisation

MIPIM generated 32% less waste in 2023 than in 2022, despite more visitors. Our goal is to continue to reduce waste by around 10% every year.

Carbon footprint reduction 

This involves implementing practical approaches, collaborating with the right partners, and helping the industry decarbonise through exhibitions, insights, and awards.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

MIPIM will, among other things, continue to advocate for gender balance at conferences, invite 16 Challengers below the age of 30 to present ideas and host events dedicated to diversity.

A positive social impact

MIPIM collects and reuses a range of materials through our partnership with non-profit association GreenBee, to share resources with local communities and minimise waste.

The MIPIM Sustainability Pledge

We are inviting exhibitors to join us in becoming signatories of an ambitious agreement and to commit to low carbon transporation, a greener stand and active engagement with the values of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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