MIPIM - The Global Urban Festival
12-15 March 2024
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

Our commitments

MIPIM has pledged to be a pioneering event in matters of sustainability. Our commitment is woven into the fabric of our events, initiatives, and partnerships. We intend to actively involve our clients in this journey.

MIPIM 2024 will be our most sustainable exhibition to date, distinguished by four main engagements to making MIPIM cleaner, greener, more diverse and more equitable. 

Waste minimisation

Minimising the waste that MIPIM generates is a key priority that we share with our partners, visitors and stakeholders to make improvements year-on-year. In 2023, MIPIM generated 32% less waste than in 2022, despite an increase in visitor numbers. Our goal is to continue to reduce waste by around 10% every year, and we will continue to communicate updates both about our accomplishments for 2023 and our goals for MIPIM 2024. To that end, we have already consulted with the decorators that operate at MIPIM, setting out our targets and expectations for the creation and handling of waste at our next event. 

Carbon footprint reduction 

RX is a founding partner of the UFI pledge which commits the events industry to achieve net zero carbon by 2050. MIPIM is developing its own pathway, tailored around the event. We offer free all-day shuttle service between the Palais des Festivals and many hotels, all official MIPIM cars are electric or hybrid and the paper used for MIPIM publications comes from sustainably managed forests. We work with caterers with eco-responsible labels and the Palais des Festivals has its own certifications. Cannes was also recently rewarded “sustainable innovative destination”.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

MIPIM 2024 will be more diverse, accessible, and safer for all, reflecting the world in which we live and the communities that we serve. Conference panels with three people or more will aim to feature at least one woman. We also partner with different associations promoting diversity. Moreover, free passes and accommodation will be available to selected delegates under 30 years of age. In partnership with the Palais des Festivals, we will ensure accessibility for all kinds of differently abled participants.  

A positive social impact

We collect and reuse a range of materials through our partnership with non-profit association GreenBee, to share resources with local communities.