MIPIM - The Global Urban Festival
12-15 March 2024
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

Diversity, equity and inclusion

MIPIM 2024 will be more diverse, accessible, and safer for all, reflecting the world in which we live and the communities that we serve. Conference panels with three people or more will aim to feature at least one woman. Moreover, free passes and accommodation will be available to selected delegates under 30 years of age. In partnership with the Palais des Festivals, we will ensure accessibility for all kinds of differently abled participants.  

A more diverse conference programme

At MIPIM, at least one woman will feature on conference panels with three participants or more. This policy will be displayed alongside the details of each event in the programme. MIPIM 2024 will also launch more events linked to diversity, to increase education and awareness around the topic.

Diversity and inclusion events

MIPIM is strongly committed to promote diversity in real estate. Several events will be dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion.

We would love to offer visibility for diversity and inclusion events organized by our clients taking place during MIPIM. If you are an association promoting diversity, please contact us.

Our partners for DEI

MIPIM thanks its partners for their help in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in Real Estate. 

You are an association promoting diversity, get in touch!

MIPIM Challengers

MIPIM will invite 16 people below 30 years of age to participate in the event free of charge, with their accommodation paid for by MIPIM.

These delegates will be selected via a 600-word essay contest in which they discuss the challenges facing urban development and how young professionals can be a part of the solution. Authors of the winning entries will be invited to participate in three conference sessions during MIPIM, including two dedicated events. This initiative is designed to boost the diversity, equity and inclusion of MIPIM.

Our DEI pledge

MIPIM Director Nicolas Kozubek has signed a charter of commitment to gender parity and equality in the workplace for firms and organisations in the real estate sector, in partnership with Le Cercle des Femmes de l’Immobilier. This French association seeks to improve the representation of women in the workplace, through education and greater transparency, to drive collective action. 

An accessible MIPIM

In partnership with the Palais des Festivals, we are making accessibility a key priority for MIPIM 2024.

As the Palais des Festival of Cannes is open to the public, the building has been made accessible to all, in line with French laws on Accessibility (Ad'AP, March 31, 2019). Accessibility standards allow the differently abled to move around with the greatest possible autonomy, to access premises and equipment, to use equipment and services, to find their way around and communicate. Accessibility rules concern all types of disability (motor, visual, auditory, mental, etc.). This means that the conditions of access are the same for disabled and non-disabled people and allow an equivalent accessibility of use.

Safety at MIPIM

MIPIM is committed to providing a safe and secure business environment built on mutual respect for all participants.
Inappropriate behaviour, disrespect or harassment, is not part of the MIPIM experience and will not be tolerated. Everyone can attend MIPIM, free from fear of discrimination, or concern about their personal safety.