MIPIM - The Global Urban Festival
12-15 March 2024
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

Waste minimisation

Minimising the waste that MIPIM generates is a key priority that we share with our partners, visitors and stakeholders to make improvements year-on-year.

In 2023, MIPIM generated 32% less waste than in 2022, despite an increase in visitor numbers. Our goal is to continue to reduce waste by around 10% every year, and we will continue to communicate updates both about our accomplishments for 2023 and our goals for MIPIM 2024.

To that end, we consulted with 72% of the decorators that operated at MIPIM 2023 and aim at consulting with all of them for 2024, setting out our targets and expectations for the creation and handling of waste at our next event. 

A new print-at-home badge

For MIPIM 2024 we will introduce a new print-at-home badge that will be plastic-free. This will comprise a cardboard holder for your print-at-home paper ticket, and we will encourage delegates to recycle badges and cardboard holders at designated points at the end of the show. 

MIPIM 2024: Rolling up the carpet?

MIPIM 2024 will extend the usual warm welcome to our delegates, but we plan on using a little less carpet to do so. While some carpeting is necessary to cover uneven floor areas, we have committed to using 3 tonnes less carpet at MIPIM 2024. Different areas will be defined in innovative and sustainable ways as part of this pledge. 

Spreading the word

It is more important than ever to raise awareness about minimising waste, to ensure that there is a collective approach to tackling the problem. Alongside our partner GreenBee,, a non-profit association based in Cannes, we share our targets and expectations with the decorators that work at MIPIM for us and our customers. GreenBee was able to connect with 72% of decorators operating at MIPIM last year to make them aware of the need for more eco-friendly stands, to increasingly choose reusable and recycled materials, use less plastic, and source locally. In 2024, we aim to inform  100% of decorators about our waste minimisation goals, both via GreenBee, and through documentation which is sent after stand contracts are signed.

MIPIM 2023: How did we do?

We care about what we use to build spaces, and how we build them. In 2023, all materials used for Propel Station and the Road to Zero area were leased, in a commitment to the circular economy. We also have a store of furniture which is reused across all RX events, ensuring that tables and chairs have a long life. Finally, last year we switched all interior signage from Forex to Abiplex cardboard.

Reusing materials from 2023

We collect and reuse a range of assets thanks to our partnership with GreenBee, a non-profit association based in Cannes which specialises in upcycling materials used at events. Success stories include social housing in the Alpes-Maritimes region, a bakery, a Hack Lab, and educational store and so much more.