MIPIM - The Global Urban Festival
11-14 March 2025
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

The MIPIM Sustainability Pledge

2024 Edition

As the flagship event for the international real estate industry, MIPIM takes its responsibilities seriously. In a time of profound economic, social and environmental change, we intend to lead by example with a series of concrete commitments. We are inviting businesses participating in MIPIM 2024 to join us in becoming the very first signatories of an ambitious and historic agreement, the MIPIM Sustainability Pledge. In addition to the ‘Road to Zero’ initiative launched in 2023, MIPIM will expand its global strategy to maximise the event’s social impact, while minimising MIPIM’s environmental impact.

Low carbon transportation


At least 50% of their delegation should reach MIPIM 2024 in a sustainable way, for example by taking the train; and to pledge that 75% of team members will reach MIPIM using low carbon means by 2026


To monitor the carbon footprint of their travel to MIPIM

A greener stand


We have identified five ways in which exhibitors can make their stands more ecofriendly. We ask that delegations achieve three out of five in 2024, and five out of five in 2025.

  • More than 90% of the resources used in the design of the stand, by weight, should be re-used, reusable or recycled materials
  • Only recycled or recyclable materials, no PVC, no solvents, and vegetable or water-based inks for all signage
  • To rent all furniture, plants and decor
  • No more single use gifts, gadgets or objects
  • 100% waste recycling and sorting

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


To ensure that women make up 50% of their speaking engagements, and that there is always at least one female speaker when two or more people are publicly speaking on their stand or at the conference  


Commit to monitoring the number of women attending in 2024, to identify female talent within their organisation, and to increase the firm’s overall female representation at MIPIM by 20% each year until they reach 50%

They signed it!