Security measures at MIPIM

  • Updated 14 October 2016

    Reed MIDEM places the highest priority on the security of our clients.

    Our team works closely with the relevant French authorities to ensure the utmost is done to provide a safe and secure environment for all delegates attending our events.

    We would like to reassure you that we are liaising on a regular basis with the City of Cannes, law enforcement officials and other relevant authorities to guarantee that security will be comprehensive during MIPIM.

    There will be several changes at MIPIM, including new security points around the Palais des Festivals. To familiarize yourself with the location of the security checks and other practical information to help make your visit to MIPIM as easy and safe as possible, please click here.

    Many MIPIM clients travel to and from Cannes via the Nice Airport. Since the tragic events of July 14 in Nice, the airport authorities have increased security measures to protect airport users. These include:

    • As part of France’s “Operation Sentinel” military patrols within the terminals have been doubled.
    • Video surveillance within the airport and its surroundings now numbers 1,000 cameras.
    • Border police have increased the number of patrols they carry out within the terminals. These are in addition to the military patrols.
    • The airport is equipped with new vehicle anti-intrusion measures.

    Over the past 12 months the City of Cannes and the Palais des Festivals have taken a number of important steps to enhance security. These include:

    • Cannes was the first French city to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of security involving the Palais des Festivals, local infrastructure and hotels, using a team of leading international security experts. Following this assessment, numerous recommendations have been implemented during such major events as the Cannes Film Festival, the Cannes Lions and Reed MIDEM events.
    • In April, the city and surrounding region carried out a security simulation exercise to coordinate action between the police, fire brigade, ambulance and hospital services.
    • Cannes is authorized to increase security during MIPIM to the maximum Level 4, meaning that City and Regional police will be fully mobilized throughout the event.
    • Over 450 security agents and municipal police will be on hand. In addition, brigades of mounted police, motorbike police and bicycle police will be deployed.
    • Cannes is equipped with 512 security cameras, the highest ratio per inhabitant of any French city. They operate 24/7.
    • The city has equipped itself with vehicle anti-intrusion spikes.
    • The Palais des Festivals has conducted regular security preparedness exercises and has enlarged the surrounding security zones which are reserved for MIPIM clients and contractors.
    • Security meetings involving Reed MIDEM staff, the City of Cannes, the Police and the Palais des Festivals take place regularly prior to and during MIPIM.

    Reed MIDEM has been organizing international events in Cannes since 1965. Our partnership and cooperation with Cannes is strong and together our priority is to make your stay in the city productive, enjoyable and safe. In addition, Cannes has extensive experience of hosting major international events including the 2011 G20 Summit of world leaders.

    We continually monitor security matters and invite you to visit this MIPIM web page for any updated information. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.