MIPIM harbour access

  • During MIPIM 2019, the Jetée Albert Edouard (JAE) will be privatized.

    Gates will delimit the privatised area with an access control, as for all other entry point of the MIPIM zone. We kindly ask you to respect rigorously this organisation.

    • MIPIM delegates can access the private harbour upon presentation of their badge.
    • Yacht crew members, extra staff, yacht brokers and caterers must have a "Harbour" badge in order to access this private zone.

    We draw your attention to the content of article 10 of the MIPIM Regulations (read in English or français) which prohibits participants and exhibitors from engaging in activities that are identical or similar to those conducted in the Event venue (notably to participate in any meeting with professionals not registered to the Event), the immediate surrounding area or in any other exhibition area that the Organiser may designate, during the period of the event.

    The yachts should not be assimilated with stands and can only be used for accommodation or social events purposes.

  • Opening Hours of The Privatised Zone

    Access to the Harbour with mandatory badge:

    • From March 12, 2019 to March 14, 2019: 7.30 - 18.00

    During these opening hours, the harbour access will be exclusively reserved to MIPIM badges and Harbour badges holders.

  • Contacts and Useful Documents

    In order to facilitate the procedure, please send us before March 7, 2019 the following forms duly completed:

    Yacht registration Form – Cannes Harbour :

    Please note that any new requests submitted after this date will require more time as any request is subject to prior approval. The badge delivery will not be immediate.

    Please feel free to contact us for further information.

    Procedure for berth assignment

    Procedure d'attribution de place

  • Who is Entitled to Harbour Badges?

    Harbour badges are strictly personal and are provided to:

    • Yacht Crew members and Extra Staff: The Captain and his crew only; hostesses, maintenance who are not part of the yacht crew (i.e. people who will work temporary on the boat only during MIPIM).
    • Yacht Brokers and Caterers.

    All badges are strictly personal and non-transferable and are available during MIPIM 2019.

    Harbour badges do not grant access to the MIPIM exhibition area.

    Please note that the contract of employment or any other document proving the activity on the yacht will be required for Harbour badge delivery for each crew member, extra staff, hired staff for special events etc.

    Any person who does not have crew member or staff status must hold a personal MIPIM badge in order to access the harbour. Register for MIPIM

    Any false declaration will result in the cancellation and the return of the controlled badge.

  • Harbour Badge Collection

    Badges requests must be addressed before March 7, 2019 by using the forms downloadable here above.

    The number of requests by yacht must not exceed the maximum number of people allowed on board.

    The number of Crew Member badges should not exceed: 6 badges - for the yachts less than 20 meters; 10 badges – for the yachts between 30 and 40 meters; 15 badges – for the yachts beyond 40 meters.

    You can collect your Harbour Badge on-site:

    • March 10, 2019: 14.00 - 18.00
    • March 11, 2019: 8.00 - 18.00
    • March 12 – 14, 2019: 7.30 – 18.00

    Official ID or Passport are required to collect a harbour badge.

  • Temporary Harbour Access

    Temporary access to the privatized harbour zone is allowed in case of deliveries and other technical interventions during MIPIM. For this purpose, a "temporary badge" must be collected at the suppliers and decorators registration desk (access by Bistingo gate, before entering the harbour).

    Official ID or Passport are required to collect a temporary badge.

  • Building of Temporary Structures on JAE

    Please complete page 2 of the Yacht Registration form for crew members to describe any temporary installations (and their additional elements such as structures, tents, etc…).

    We kindly ask you to attach to this form any corresponding technical files, formally certified by an office of control (in particular stability, wind resistance, weighting, systems of attachment and any related calculations) and not to obstruct traffic on the pier. All installations on the quay must comply with the Cannes Harbour Quai d’Honneur procedure version QH V3.3 1st January 2017.

    We inform you that an on-site Office of Control will validate the conformity of the installations carried out on the harbour. Consequently, you will be in charge of carrying out, any modifications requested by the Office of Control so that the temporary structures can remain up during the exhibition. If no changes occur, you will be asked to proceed with the breakdown of the concerned temporary structures.

    Please also note that with the exception of allowed temporary structures, any other installations are strictly forbidden on the JAE (i.e: standing panels, leaflets, fences, models, platforms, carpeting, tables, sofas, chairs and any other furniture or signage). The on-site Office of Control will proceed with strict control during MIPIM and will require prohibited installations to be immediately removed or dismantled.

  • Need Assistance?

    Contact us via email

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