MIPIM - The Global Urban Festival
11-14 March 2025
Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

How were materials from MIPIM 2023 reused?

We collect and reuse a range of assets thanks to our partnership with GreenBee, a non-profit association based in Cannes which specialises in upcycling materials used at events. Success stories include:

From the Road to Zero zone, we donated two pallets comprising 100 OSB panels, i.e. just over 3 tonnes of wood, to the Fondation de Nice. The wood will be used by the Foundation to furnish their facilities, including their kitchen, library and storage spaces. It will also be used to fit out social housing projects in the Alpes-Maritimes region, with the building being carried out by people on job opportunity schemes to integrate them into the world of work. 

Melamine partitions from the VIP Lounge area amounting to two pallets, or around 800 kg of wood, were donated to the Hack Lab in Sophia Antipolis, an exchange dedicated to scientific collaboration. The Hack Lab will use this wood to furnish a Hack Lab for children, with the help of a local association. 

Pencil cases from Road to Zero banners

Around 40m² of printed tarpaulin was donated to GreenBee as part of the Fondation de Cannes' eco-school project. At the start of the 2023 school year, the Fondation de Cannes gave pencil cases made from upcycled event tarpaulins to schoolchildren entering the first grade. This corresponds to around 500 pencil cases, which will be made by a dedicated project team in Cannes.

We also donated another pallet with 40 panels of OSB panels or 1.3 tonnes of wood from the Road to Zero zone to a baker in the Var region. He will use the wood to fit out his own bakery.

3mm PVC panels from several stands were donated to Méditerranée 2000. Méditerranée 2000 is an association based in Cannes which, since its creation in 1989, has been committed to contributing to the sustainable development of the region. Méditerranée 2000 uses the PVC panels to create all kinds of educational tools and materials.

The reception desk, concierge desk and bar in the VIP Lounge area were dismantled to send a  pallet with around 1 tonne of wood to TIQUISMIQUIS, an educational project in Saint Aygulf (Var). With this furniture, the teaching team will complete the fit-out of the area where children are tutored daily.

2 big bags of scraped cottons from the Propel and Road to Zero zones, comprising over 1000 m² of material weighing 150 kg were donated to Le Relais, Metisse. Le Relais is a network of companies that has been working for 30 years to integrate the socially excluded  by creating sustainable jobs. These fabrics, which cannot be reused as they are, will be defibred and processed in France to make high-performance fillings for insulation.

Some 150m² of scrap carpet was donated to the Nice Curling Club association. This carpet will be used to line the side lanes of the curling rinks, as it makes an ideal non-slip material.