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Job TitleEgypt Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities

Company NameEgypt Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities


Dr. El-Gazzar is an environmental and urban planner with a broad-based, multi-disciplinary technical background. He has wide experience in planning and implementing programs in wide variety of strategic developments including tourism, environment, civic, hospitality services and real-estate sectors. He spent the last ten years focusing on growth and transformation strategies of large scale developments in the Public Private Partnership domain. He pioneered application of environmental aspects in planning, tourism planning and community development in Egypt, including environmental scoping, monitoring, assessment, planning, and management.

Conference Sessions

  • A focus on MENA: 'quality of living' standards

    04-Jun-2020, 15:15 - 16:00, INDIGO ROOM - Palais 3

    Come and hear about success stories on winning assets along the lines of consumer demand across certain key Middle East economies in the Middle East. What are t...

    • Language: English