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Job TitleFounder & CEO

Company NameSweet Inn


Paul Besnainou is a 31-year old French-Israeli entrepreneur based in London. He is entirely self-taught; after receiving his high school diploma, he opted to pursue his studies at a prestigious institution of Talmudic studies rather than attend a prominent business school.

As CEO of Sweet Inn, Paul has been at the helm of the company since its founding in 2014 and continues to oversee the company’s non-stop growth.

Sweet Inn is a fast-growing full-stack startup based in Europe disrupting the hospitality industry. The company offers one-of-a-kind, centrally located apartments in 15 cities, outfitted to reflect the neighbourhood vibe with the comfort and amenities that until recently were only associated with high-end hotels. Sweet Inn has taken the best of both worlds, combining the freedom and local experience popularised by Airbnb with the consistency of a Hilton hotel room.

Operating under a master lease gives the company full control over the curation and design of over 800 apartments and the sustainably to survive in the long term. All properties are fully compliant with local regulations.

The company is developing its own proprietary technology to tackle the biggest operational hurdles in the hospitality industry such as automating & optimising task management, pricing, communications, and resource allocation.

With a unique vision of the future, Sweet Inn is becoming the leading European brand in the smart travel category focusing on data infrastructure, building tech solutions to solve problems and prioritising the delivery of a high-quality guest experience.

Conference Sessions

  • Innovation in hospitality

    03-Jun-2020, 16:30 - 17:15, HOSPITALITY ROOM

    New concepts are flourishing! New ways of working in co-branding too. Let's shake Hospitality !

    • Language: English