Speaker Profile


Job TitleGlobal Chief Happiness and storytelling Officer

Company Namestandupforpassion.com



Pioneer in the work of Chief Happiness Officer, Chief Happiness Officer training and Purpose-led storytelling (1000 + leaders coached). Clients include BMW, Cartier, Dior, Chanel, L'Oreal, United Nations, Careem since 2016.
Spoke at Harvard, Google, World Happiness Summit + 3 TED x talks since 2016.
A regular on BFM Business on the Field of "Happiness at work" since 2016.
Authored "Mister Happiness" Larousse 2018.
Award winning Filmmaker, technologist and comedian.
IESE business school Graduate.
After 20 years in Japan and US, moved back to France in September 2019. Very active in the Middle East and South America.
Thnk.org Amsterdam, startupleadership program NY and Euro Managers China Beijing Fellowships.


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