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Job TitleDirector

Company NameJohn Cooper Architecture


Architect, ARB, Director John Cooper Architecture

Education B.A.(Hons) Dip. Arch. Cantab
Languages English, French

Chair Architects for Health 2009-2014
````````````````` Committee member: current

Programme leader European Healthcare Design Congress

John is a leading figure in healthcare design and has been a principal in practice for 35 years. He is actively engaged in reshaping the healthcare environment and improving and re-forming its architecture, combining an expert understanding of health planning with genuine design skills at both a strategic and a detailed level.
He set up JCA in 2009 with Hrafnhildur Olafsdottir. The practice has worked in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Iceland and Australia and is currently working in Switzerland and Palestine. This provides John with an international perspective and a wide ranging knowledge of best practice. He has led government report panels and provided peer review on major projects in the UK and Australia.
John co-founded Avanti Architects in 1981, pioneering social architecture and designing a wide range of residential, community and regeneration projects. In 1995 he led the design team for the ACaD Centre and on the strength of this project Avanti developed rapidly as a major healthcare practice under his leadership.
After twenty years at Avanti, John joined Anshen Dyer (reformed as Anshen + Allen in 2006) as healthcare director and in his seven years at the practice A+A won and designed 12 major projects from complex tertiary hospitals for oncology, paediatrics and maternity to innovative community facilities and competition winning mental health units.
He is a regular speaker at conferences in the UK and overseas and has written for the major architectural journals in the UK. He was chair of Architects for Health (2009-2014) and is still actively engaged in this organisation. He is currently involved in organising the annual European Health Design Congress in London. 

"Optimistic therefore currently frustrated. European. Curious."


Conference Sessions


    13-Mar-2019, 08:15 - 10:15, SALON HARBOUR, GARE MARITIME

    Global trends among younger consumers tend to shake consumption patterns and this paradigm shift needs to be addressed accordingly when focusing on future elder...

    • Language: English

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