First Timers

║ What’s MIPIM First Timer Programme?

A dedicated programme to make the most of your 1st MIPIM!

Attending MIPIM for the first time can be a bit overwhelming: there is much to see, many people to meet, and lots of events to attend!

But no need to worry... at MIPIM, there is a dedicated lounge club called "First Timer HQ" and special services designed exclusively to help address all of your needs, questions and objectives.

║ A VIP Experience just for you

▪️  Ask our dedicated staff for help on online tools

▪️ Connect with others participants

▪️  Be assisted by our Concierge

▪️  Enjoy beverages and snacking

║ First Timers Journey

↓ Book flight and your hotel room
      Enjoy our partners' special offers 〉

↓ Go to the Online Database
      Find the list of attending participants & companies 

↓ Download the MIPIM mobile App  
     ▪️  Start scheduling your meetings 
     ▪️  Fill out your profile
     ▪️  Check your recommended profiles
     ▪️  Mark the conferences you would like to attend on the online planner

↓ Prepare business cards and Print your badge

↓ Pick up your badge & programme at the registration desk

↓ Attend the Opening Cocktail Party

↓ Go to the First Timers' HQ

↓ Discover the exhibition hall and track down key clients

 Talks to some of the speakers through the MIPIM App

 Attend the MIPIM Award Ceremony

 Continue your business through the Online Database
    Continue your business 〉

║ It's easier with the App

▪️  Book your meetings

▪️  Access your agenda

▪️  Personalise your schedule

▪️  Locate yourself at the Show

Download it!