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Embracing the change

Get inspired with exclusive bi-weekly online conference sessions on the theme "Embracing the Change"

The whole world is facing an unprecedented time, which will completely change the way we interact with each other at least for the coming months.

Even if it will have a strong impact on business, times of uncertainty can be a unique opportunity to reshape the real estate landscape and implement new strategies. 

The entire real estate ecosystem needs to adjust how they operate and respond to their customers’ needs in this fast-moving world.

International real estate players and renowned experts will offer you insightful content and tools for action, from April to September, by developing a monthly topic on how to “Embracing the Change”.

The whole world is facing an unprecedented moment, which will completely change the way we interact with each other at least for the coming months.

Even if it will have a strong impact on business, times of uncertainty can be a unique opportunity to reshape the real estate landscape and implement new strategies. 

Facing new challenges, stakeholders are thinking differently to move forward and adopting disruption as a new mind-set

International real estate players and renowned experts will offer you insightful content and tools for action, into:

  • What are the short, mid and long-term impacts of this current situation?
  • How to reconsider relationships between the public and private sector? Is it a new era for other partnerships?
  • What will the city of tomorrow look like? How will it transform urban life - mobility, governance, infrastructure…?
  • Will there be a new mapmaking of real estate? What does it mean from an investment outlook?
  • In which countries are the major challenges? How are asset classes responding to new levels of supply and to new type of demand?
  • Is there a need to accelerate the adoption and adaptation of technology in Real Estate?

║ Hot topics

Hotel investors jump into sustainability


We talk about the “ten-year opportunity gap” for hotel investors with the Considerate Group, KKR, SH Hotels & Resorts and Deka Immobilien

Expert Insights: Urban Living


What are the different typologies which complete the new normality of a socially distant world? Hepp's Anna Kulik and Argent LLP's Steven Kellett discuss

Best of the best: Industrial and Logistics Development – MIPIM Awards 2020

Every week MIPIM Connect gives a member of the MIPIM Awards jury a platform to share their expertise. This week we welcome Serge Fautre, and focus on the Best Industrial and Logistics category

║ Upcoming webinars

Luxury and ultra-luxury : development challenges

Wednesday August 19, 2020 at 2pm CEST

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Bringing emotion in the workplace 

Thursday August 20, 2020 at 2pm CEST 

Survive, Revive and Thrive: The important role technology will play in the COVID-19 Workplace

Tuesday August 25, 2020 at 2pm CEST

Developing city attractiveness through leisure & entertainment 

Thursday August 27, 2020 at 2pm CEST

║ Most viewed webinars

July 02, 2020        |    Hotels changing the face of cities through experience 〉

July 01, 2020        |    Global innovations in affordable housing 〉

June 30, 2020      |    Expert Insights: urban living 〉

June 25, 2020      |    How to adapt housing development in regards to demographics 〉

June 25, 2020      |    Focusing on serviced apartments 〉

June 18, 2020      |    Sustainability & ROI for Hotel Development 〉

May 19, 2020       |    Investment trends in hospitality 〉

May 14, 2020       |    Asian capitals: Outbound Investments 〉

May 12, 2020       |    Focus on UK: Housing options & innovations 〉

May 07, 2020       |    Building value through social engagement 〉

May 05, 2020       |    Thinkers & Leaders 〉

║ Propel by MIPIM Daily Talks: A series of webinars about innovation and creativity

The Propel by MIPIM Daily Talks are a webinar series gathering online the best of the built environment, based on sharing knowledge and exchanging about the evolution of the Real Estate industry, with key topics such as Data, Investment, Talent, User Experience and Sustainability.

The webinars are a key moment to hear from top executives and innovative thinkers, and ask your questions afterwards.

Watch or re-watch the sessions!

║ Some of our top experts

Julie Hirigoyen

Chief Executive

UK Green Building Council

Benoît Chappey

Head of business development France


Jean-Paul Rival



Ian Wainwright


Future City Logistics

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The MIPIM Project Directory is a selection of projects showcased at MIPIM 2020.

Discover them all, on the first ever interactive global MIPIM Project Directory map!


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